SolidWorks World 2012 – Certification – The People – The Midway – The Event #sww12 #SolidWorks

The Sunday of SolidWorks World is used not only for Registrations but for a range of User Testing and feed back sessions.  Also available is the opportunity to sit for the CSWP (Certified SolidWorks Professional) examination (or any of the other 8 exams) These exams can be taken at any time online.  Personally I think you should get bonus points for sitting the exam at SolidWorks World, in a room with others!

There were 180 (of those braver than most) people sitting the CSWP exam.  59 (57 – CSWP & 2 – CSWE) of those join the ranks of the now 50,000 who have achieved the various levels of Certification since it’s inception 10 years ago.   
Take a look at the Certification selection at SolidWorks:

Some of the Certification team hard at work!


Avelino Rochino (Red Shirt) Mike Puckett (Blue Shirt) Jeremy Luchini (standing)

Some of the 180 people (in the morning session) who sat the Certification exam


The Monday evening was the CSWP/ CSWE Special Event.   The USS Midway CV-41 (an un-“named” class) aircraft carrier which served the US Navy between 1945 – 1992.  Now a naval aviation museum made for the perfect venue for this years SolidWorks event!  I managed to sneak on board and stow away (alright I had an invite but I was on a roll with the whole naval thing) for what we now learn was to be the last CSWP/ CSWE Special Event. With over 700 attendees at this years event, next year they have up the ante and will be a CSWE Event

A few images from the USS Midway



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