SolidWorks World 2012 – General Session – Day 2 – Part 1 Photo Journal #sww12 #SolidWorks

First my apologise for not getting this out yesterday.?? There were a few Breakout Sessions that I wanted to attend.?? The selection and editing of images takes sometime, oh and there was a Party to attend!
Here is SolidWorks World 2012 – General Session – Day 2

Fielder Hiss – Opens the Session and Introduces Richard Doyle


Richard takes the stage and talks about the User Groups


Day2 – SolidWorks acknowledges the User Group Leaders, User Group and members of the Community


2011 User Group of the Year


2011 Group Leader of the Year


The Michelle Pillers SWUGN Community Award – Charles Culp


Charles and the Award


Darren Henry – Director of Marketing takes the stage


Darren introduces the Howe brothers


Geoff and Mike Howe – Howe and Howe Technologies


Howe & Howe Technologies – Part 2 to follow

2 responses to “SolidWorks World 2012 – General Session – Day 2 – Part 1 Photo Journal #sww12 #SolidWorks”

  1. Nice set of photo’s Michael. It looks like you had a front row seat to all the action.I bet Mr Culp was extremely surprised to be the recipient of the award.I hope to be in Florida next year at the end of January for SWW 2013 and be able to meet you and Lars.Thanks for all the updates from SWW 2012

  2. The blogger have a unwritten word that we do whatever we can to get the front row seats before the real press! I was lucky to have front row seats for the three daysCharles had no idea, he was shocked! Hope to see you Orlando !

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