SolidWorks World 2012 iPhone – iPad & Android App #sww12 #solidworks

The SolidWorks World 2012 App has been released and is available for download via :



There are some very nice additional functionality added to this year’s app!

Opening Screen


Sessions, Speakers and Floor Plans

You can find the breakout Session either via selecting the Session or via selecting the Speaker (and their sessions are listed beneath them)   


You will find information on the speaker and details of the sessions they are conducting.


When you select the session it gives you the information of which room it is to be held in and the option of adding to your own agenda.


Here’s the good part! When you select the room it opens the Floor Plan and shows the location of that session.  


   Better still if you get there and you can’t get in (that’s not the good part) you can select any room and it will show what session is on in that room.  Nice if you have to make that last minute decision on changing a breakout session!    


Partner   Pavilion

 The Partner Pavilion section works in a similar way. You can select by exhibitor (which are listed under Categories)  


This again opens the Floor Plan and shows the location. Selecting another area will show who’s Booth is who!


By chance I’ve discovered an error! (or a last minute change of stand location.) I have an appointment with Objet Inc (listed as Booth 500) so when I was checking their location it opened and flagged around Booths 329/327.  It’s always pays to check early!    




Another new feature is the Twitter integration which shows tweets for the SolidWorks World 2012 hashtag #sww12.  There are also links to the SolidWorks Facebook Page, SolidWorks YouTube Channel & the SolidWorks World 2012 Flickr page where we all should post our incriminating photos!   Go and Join……..NOW!



But wait there’s more! I’m taking a guess now but it looks like we will have QR code on our passes!  Easy to share contact details! I can see a few people fondling over each over in those late night informal breakout session swapping details!  



Speaking of those informal late night breakout session (which may or maynot involve some sampling of alcoholic beverages!).  The Location section lists and maps to most of the surrounding Motels.  This may be the most important and used section of this App!



If you’re heading to SolidWorks World 2012 and you have a i-Apparatus or Android this is a handy tool to help make your days (and nights) that little bit easier!

Not long to wait now!

























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