SolidWorks World 2012 – Making a List & Passing on Advice #sww12 #Solidworks

With SolidWorks World 2012 now just a little over a week away (before I fly-out), I figure I should make a List of Things To Do!  (or still not yet done!)


ü Passport – Valid (That will Help!) 


ü Visa Waiver – ESTA –Valid (That will also Help!) 

ü Accommodation – Hilton San Diego Bayfront. Just a short stroll next door to the San Diego Convention Center.



(Photo from Hilton San Diego Bayfront Website)


ü Schedule and Appointments to Calender.  Appear to be severely over booked!! 

ü US Dollars

ü Travel Insurance (Because you just don’t know these days!)

ü Upload Travel Documents to Evernote!

ü Pack American Electrical Adaptor into Computer Bag (Now if I could just do something about those upside down light switches!)

ü Telecommunications –  Now that we have our new iPhone 4S I’ve been able to unlock (from carrier) my iPhone3S.  Need now to delete email accounts and Apps from 3S.   This will give me a couple of options. I can get a local (Telstra) pre-paid SIM and turn on Data Roaming or I can pick up a AT&T SIM when I get to San Diego.

ü Buy Tim Tams.  Use as currency to pay off debt of gratitude to friends in the SolidWorks Community for help throughout the year (they work cheap! You know who you are Steve!) 




ü Pack Bag. Should think about short sleeve shirts this year! As it is just a short walk from the motel to the Convention Center  and they are always warm inside.  San Diego temperatures look to be similar to a mild Sydney winter!  Which is currently warmer than the past couple of cold and wet Summer days!


Things I Leant from SolidWorks World 2011:

At last year’s SolidWorks World I was fortunately to be given both guidance and advice on how to get the best out of the event.  Let me share some of that advice and a few things that I learnt. 

When Registering on the Sunday take plenty of time and have a good look around the Convention Center.  When you register you will be provided with floor plans of the Convention Center.   I sure there will also be an iPhone/ iPad App with information released before the event.  (based on last year and a few tweets last week)  Get to know where the entry to the Halls for the General Sessions are.  (Halls F&G)  Locate all the Rooms where your selected Breakout Sessions are. Especially the route from the Halls to your first Breakout session (after the General Session).  Knowing this may be the difference between getting a seat for that session or missing out! 

Have Breakfast early! Not that you are likely to miss out on the food (if last year is any indication).  However if you like your seat (for the General Session) to be closer to the front of the stage than the back of the hall (not that there will be a bad seat) then you will want to be at the entry to the Halls well & truly before the session starts! A Sea of Humanity from SolidWorks World 2011


Where comfy shoes! This is no place to be breaking in your new Manolo Bahnik’s! You’ll cover a good few kilometres / miles daily!

Don’t worry too much about taking word for word notes in the breakout sessions.  Most will be available for download (from the SolidWorks website) a few weeks after the event. 

If you’re by yourself at breakfast or lunch look for a table with a spare seat, put out your hand, introduce yourself! Everyone has a story, everyone is happy to talk shop!

Take in as many sights and sounds that you can handle! 

Try to relax, enjoy yourself and hold on tight it can be an exciting ride!

That’s it! I’ve a busy week ahead trying to complete this latest project before I head out.  I’m looking forward to catching up with many friends in the SolidWorks Community.    See you all soon!   







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