Mobile Eye Clinic – Finally Completed #photoview360 #solidworks

We’ve all had those project that for some reason or another just drag on longer than they should.  For me this was one of them.  I don’t do “design by committee” well and trying to get people at the University to make a decision was near on impossible!  Being let down by outside contractors (arranged by the University) didn’t help either! Anyway just before Christmas I had a little road trip and finally did the hand over!   

A few renders and images of the vehicle:


5 responses to “Mobile Eye Clinic – Finally Completed #photoview360 #solidworks”

  1. im interested by your mobile eye clinic please reply me by mail :

  2. Ameer Abou Adela Avatar
    Ameer Abou Adela

    Dear all,
    Hope my mail finds you well.

    Kindly, i would like to buy the same of this Mobile clinic for our association in Lebanon ( Vision Care Association).
    can you help us?!
    looking forward for your answer .

    Best Regards,
    Ameer Abou Adela

    1. Ameer,

      My apologies for the delayed response.
      Unfortunately at this stage we are not in a position to offer our Special Purpose Vehicles. We are expanding our Motorhome division as well as our manufacturing facility. Due to this we are at this stage not in a position to build these Special Products.

      Michael Lord

  3. Hello,
    Please is it possible to order this vehicle from your company? I intend buying it to be used in our eye clinic

    1. Spencer,
      At this stage due to a large increase in production in our Campervan /Motorhome divisions due in part to the local response to this pandemic, along with issues with vehicle supply we are currently booked into 2023. So at this stage we are not taking on Special Purpose Vehicle builds

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