Mobile Eye Clinic – Finally Completed #photoview360 #solidworks

We’ve all had those project that for some reason or another just drag on longer than they should.  For me this was one of them.  I don’t do “design by committee” well and trying to get people at the University to make a decision was near on impossible!  Being let down by outside contractors (arranged by the University) didn’t help either! Anyway just before Christmas I had a little road trip and finally did the hand over!   

A few renders and images of the vehicle:


3 responses to “Mobile Eye Clinic – Finally Completed #photoview360 #solidworks

  1. Dear all,
    Hope my mail finds you well.

    Kindly, i would like to buy the same of this Mobile clinic for our association in Lebanon ( Vision Care Association).
    can you help us?!
    looking forward for your answer .

    Best Regards,
    Ameer Abou Adela

    • Ameer,

      My apologies for the delayed response.
      Unfortunately at this stage we are not in a position to offer our Special Purpose Vehicles. We are expanding our Motorhome division as well as our manufacturing facility. Due to this we are at this stage not in a position to build these Special Products.

      Michael Lord

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