UPDATED POST: Hide – An Accidental Short Cut Discovery – SolidWorks Tip #solidworks

Just an update for this post.  It seems I didn’t have this 100% correct. Close but not 100%.

See you don’t have to select the part but simply place the cursor on the part and select Tab.  If you then place the cursor where the part was (or more correctly where it is hidden) and Select Tab+Shift then it unhides!

Thanks to Steve Ostrovsky (Solidworks AE) & Matt Lorono – SolidWorks Legion for making this post 100% correct!


Every had one of those “what happened there moments!”  

I was working on an Assembly with a few other Part Files opened as well.   I was about to Toggle though the files by Tab+Ctrl when I noticed a part fade out and Hide! Normally when I Hide a part I would select RMB (Right Mouse Button) on the Part (or the Part in the tree). A menu box automatically opens and then select on the “Glasses” to Hide Component


What I discovered was the Keyboard short cut for Hide Component. Selecting the Part with LMB (Left Mouse Button), leaving the Cursor over the Part and selecting the Tab key the part hides.



It only works on Parts and only by selecting on the part in the display (not on the part name in the Tree). The mouse cursor must remain on the select part.

It’s not the greatest shortcut but it does save some mouse movement and a mouse click!  

It also explains the self hiding Part !



2 responses to “UPDATED POST: Hide – An Accidental Short Cut Discovery – SolidWorks Tip #solidworks”

  1. And then do the opposite to bring parts back. This is new in 2012, and borrowed from 3DVIA type functionality.

  2. […] Hover over Part and TAB to Hide Part.  Hover over where the Part was and TAB+Shift to Show – A post from 2012 when I first discovered […]

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