SolidWorks 2012 – A Hidden Gem (Stone) #SolidWorks #PhotoView 360


When I first read though the SolidWorks 2012 What’s New, one item I noted which had no mention was PhotoView 360.  Maybe it was in the mystery Chapter 15!

Having lived with SolidWorks 2012 for a couple of days I finally had a need to open “Appearances (colour)”

A couple of items I noticed ………….

First under ”Glass” is a new Folder “Thick Gloss”

Another new Folder “Solid” and then in “Organic” a new Folder “Gemstone”

A quick review also showed some additional Glass Frosted & Sandblast Appearances


To get a better understanding between “Clear Glass” & “Clear Thick Glass” I put together a quick render.

Wasn’t too concerned about Environment or Lights just made the Scene “Reflective Floor Black”

This was the comparison:  “Clear Glass” on the Left – “Clear Thick Glass” on the Right


I moved onto a little colour with “Gemstone”


Not having or able to find a suitible Jewellry model I dragged out my old Chess Set to try a few “Gemstone” Appearance.


I applied “Quartz” for the “White” pieces, “Tanzanite” for the “Black”.

The “White Squares” are the new “Glass Sandblasted 01” & the “Black Squares” are “Clear Thick Glass”.

The Board and Squares are trimmed in “Garnet”


A few more quick render to try a few different “Gems” Pawns of “Topaz” and “Emerald” (with a “Strip” Environment)


Knights of “Diamond” and “Amethyst”

Queens of “Sapphire” and “Ruby”


And that’s a little “Gem” for 2012!


2 responses to “SolidWorks 2012 – A Hidden Gem (Stone) #SolidWorks #PhotoView 360”

  1. That’s gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Dan

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