Mobile Broadcast Studio – SolidWorks – Rendered – Built & Out the Door #SolidWorks #PhotoView 360

A little different from our “normal” vehicles is our latest Special Purpose Vehicle – a Mobile Broadcast Studio. 

Although fairly simple in concept it had a enough challenges to keep things interesting.  Ducting & re-circulation of the Air Conditioning to meet the terminal output of the Broadcast equipment.  As well as isolation of the AC to prevent vibration & resonance to enable clear broadcasting from the vehicle. Then there was the mounting & retention of the Broadcast Console.  Strong enough to resist a load of 1800kg (in case of rapid de-acceleration). Simple enough to be removed for service & upgrading!

Following are a few Renderings (from the SolidWorks layout):




A few images of the almost completed vehicle as it left today to have the Broadcast Equipment installed. Hopefully I’ll see it back in a few weeks fully installed & operational.   

Then we can meet the challenge of the fitment of the multitude of antennas.   


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