Render Contest – PhotoView 360 #SolidWorks #PhotoView360

Over the past few weeks I’ve re-discovered a web-site I once frequent much more regularly. 
For some inexplicable reason it fell off my radar for the past few months or so.

The site is:  & is self described as the “Home of PhotoWorks & PhotoView 360 Rendering Contest


The originator of the contest is a man whom I was introduced to at this years SolidWorks World (2011) as “The Rob Rodriguez”.  (@RobRodriguez)
Anyone who can pull off the title of “The” must know what they are on about & anyone in the SolidWorks community know that when it comes to rendering (in SolidWorks) then Rob is “The” person.

I was a avid follower of the Render Contest & although I had never submitted an entry I was fascinated at what was & could be created.  
Then in February 2009 Rob announced that he could not continue with the Contest but introduced Chris Thorn (@rendercontest) who would introduce a new site and continued the monthly contests.

Having re-discovered the site earlier this month I saw that this months (#64 June 2011) model was that of a Meccano Bicycle.
As a child of the “60’s” I grew up with Meccano.  Arguably the best Engineering construction toy ever created!  
I know today it is not the same product as first envisaged by Frank Hornby but it looks to have continued with many of the same principles.

I seem to have gotten a little sidetracked!

Anyway once I saw the model I thought it was about time I submitted a model. 
My original thought was to produce a model based in the original colour scheme (red & green) with an appropriate desk/ room.
 However I couldn’t find an image on-line that I wanted to use as well I realised that the components were of modern manufacture & materials! 

I settled for a plain (timber) background & thought most others would display the bike vertical, so too be different I set it laid down in “construction mode”

The 1600 x 1200 format was different to what I would normally set up for (I’m much more of a 16:9 ratio type of guy!)



I started playing with 24mm style of look but ended up more with a zoom 70mm style.

Here is the full collection:






I’m a little saddened that entry numbers appears to be declining. 
I for one will definite
ly be back in the following months……come on give me some competition!         



5 responses to “Render Contest – PhotoView 360 #SolidWorks #PhotoView360”

  1. The site will be revamped soon and yes there will be tough competition I believe, so watch out 😉

  2. I’ll be there as soon as they post the next contest. Thanks for turning me on to this!

  3. I ran second in a two horse race, did that make me the runner up or the loser! Would be good to see the site getting a much better number of entries!

  4. Did you guys checked the SolidWorks Render Contest – 73

  5. I’ll be there this month with an entry! Been a little busy but I’m ready to go!

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