SolidWorks – Benchmark Testing – Dell Non-Workstations

There have been a few posts and some talk over the past few week in regards to computers and there suitability for SolidWorks.
So for what’s its worth, let me throw in my two cents!

Eight months ago we purchased a Dell Studio XPS 1645 Laptop predominately for SolidWorks. This may have seemed a strange choice for what is known to be a Multimedia/ Gaming machine, but the specifications read well & was reasonable good value for money.

The specifications of the XPS are:
Processor: Intel Core i7 Q840 – 1.87Ghz (Turbo to 3.2Ghz), 8Gb RAM, 64bit Win7 Professional, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 (1Gb)

Using both the  SolidWorks Benchmark Test & Anna Wood (SolidMuse) Punch Holder Benchmark these were the results:



Following the purchase of our second SolidWorks Licence, the success of the XPS running SolidWorks, along with the lack of graphics issues with a non-certified cards we purchased another Dell Computer.  Another non-workstation non-certified Dell Vostro 460 Desktop.   

Processor: Intel Core i7 – 2600 – 3.4Ghz , 8Gb RAM, 64bit Win7 Professional, NVIDIA GelForce GT420 (2Gb)

Using the same tests these were the results:



Our Assemblies average around 2000 parts, including many Imported Surfaced parts.  Both computers handle these with easy.  We don’t do much Simulation & PhotoView 360 of the full vehicle Assemblies max out the CPU’s & take the RAM out to 7Gb.  Yet still produce the renders in reasonable times.

Would I like professional WorkStations (both Desktop & Laptop) of course.  The same would be said about professional (Certified) Graphic Cards. 

But there are budgets!  Both these machine are relatively trouble free, show little if any graphic’s issues (NO RealView but we don’t do on screen presentations) & were extremely good value for money!  

BUT if anyone has a spare Dell M6600 or a BOXX 8500 that they don’t want ………….. well I can take them off your hands!





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