SolidWorks – Component Properties – Flexible – He didn’t know that! #solidworks

When you work by yourself you tend to take for granted what you know! 

With the purchase of our second SolidWorks license, for the first time in my working life I share an office with another SolidWorks user.  He’s a young Industrial Designer, just graduated with Honour’s from University .   Good young bloke & once we educate him about real world working life & not just that Uni theory stuff he’ll be right  He has a few years experience with SolidWorks & pretty much knows his way around the software.

This afternoon he was working on a sliding restraint to secure crockery.  He had modeled up the restraint and had inserted it in the cabinet Assembly as a Sub-Assembly.  I watched for a while as he toggled screens between the Sub Assembly & the Assembly adjusting the slide to the position he wanted!  He then worked out he could “Edit” the Assembly in context & adjust the slide that way as well.  It was then I thought I should step in & educate him in the ways of Component Properties – Flexible


 Working (movable) Hinge & Gas Struts in Sub-Assembly


Select Sub – Assembly – RMB (Right Mouse Button)
Select – Component Properties


Select Solve As – Flexible

Simple as that. Movement in Sub-Assembly now available in Assembly.


Change shown by different Icon in tree.

In his words “wish I knew that years ago”

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