Unsuppress with Dependents – SolidWorks Lesson Learnt

Today proved most interesting & educational.  It started when I received CAD data from Volkswagen on their new AdBlue system, or more accurate the location of the AdBlue Tank in the Volkswagen Crafter vehicle.   First the files came in as a .ctp format & a Folder labelled ccrypt.   So that took a phone call to work out (a compression encryption program) & a method of extracting the file into the iges files they were suppose to be.  (Drag & drop the file into the entschluesselin.bat file.   See that was easy!

So after sitting around watching the green bar scroll across the screen a few hundred times.


I ended up with, well very little apart from the Warning Message & two greyed out Assembly files.


Nothing to be concerned, just Unsuppress.

As a “S”Key, Command Manager, RBM (Right Button Mouse), use the same tools type of guy I did just that….RBM – Unsuppress


and got …….. a whole lot of unsuppressed Sub Assemblies with a whole lot of Suppressed Sub Assemblies & even more Suppressed Parts


I was faced with the prospect of a whole lot of Select & Unsuppress in front of me.  So I entertain myself & tweeted


The SolidWorks Community responded with plenty of suggestions & advice. 

Should be able to Select all  (LBM + Shift – Select)


Which lead to more Suppressed Sub Assemblies & even more Suppressed Parts!

Then Lou Gallo (SolidWorks Heard) tweeted


and as simple as that:


I ended up with what I needed…. (& another 6 files to review)


So a SolidWorks Lesson Learnt

Special Thanks to all my friend, @SteveOstrovsky , @gupta9665 , @MegaHertz604, @JeffMirisola , @gol10dr , @MetalDesigner for the advice & support.

Check out their Blogs:

Lou’s SolidWorks Heard – Weekly Podcast

Deepak Boxer’s SolidWorks Blog

Jeff”s Jeff’s Tool Shed     

Dan’s 6.04 Megahertz

3 responses to “Unsuppress with Dependents – SolidWorks Lesson Learnt”

  1. I love these types of posts! Keep it up, and thanks for the plug.

  2. Thanks Dan. It’s the one thing I miss from most of the other SW bloggers. A few years ago there were lots of post like these, but most of there blog’s have evolved away from the basic – intermediate level.It can be the start of my series What Michael doen’t know about SolidWorks! That should give me years of posts!

  3. <html><body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><div>Haha, sounds good. I’ll try to get into the habit of posting this kind of thing too. Practice what I preach, so to speak. And now that I have a big import project too, I hope I’ll have the opportunity more often.<br><br><div>Daniel Herzberg</div><div><a href="mailto:dherzberg@alum.wpi.edu">dherzberg@alum.wpi.edu</a></div><div><br></div>Sent from my iPad</div><div><br></div></body></html>

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