Final Preparation SolidWorks World 2011 – #SWW11

With only four days to go before I fly out to San Antonio & my first visit to the US of A & therefore my first SolidWorks World!

I thought best that I should finalise all my arrangements, double check everything & make a list!


  • Don't need to worry about Flights & Accommodation as these have been kindly arranged by the SolidWorks Corporation (see Disclaimer below)
  • Passport & Authorisation to Enter the USA –

  • Travel Insurance.

    Although I haven't been to a doctor for 15years or so you just never know! & no offence to the US medical system but I don't fancy facing those Bills!

  • US Dollars & researching "Tipping"??

    "Tipping" is not an everyday thing in Australia & I would hate to upset anyone (at least by accident)

  • Uploaded documentation to Evernote.

    No need to carry "paperwork" if I don't need too

  • Schedule & Appointments to Calendar??

    Made selections for breakout sessions weeks ago. Still missed out on a few I would have like to attend & couldn't work out how I could be in two different places at the same time!

  • US – Australian Electrical Adaptor & a multitude of leads & computer bits & pieces

    Can't get a day out of my laptop or iPhone without a re-charge & would be lost without them!

  • Still need to load some music & podcasts of "SolidWorks Heard" for the flights.
  • Which just leave packing some clothes.?? Been keeping an eye on the weather in San Antonio and note that it's winter is very similar to winter here in Sydney (predicted 0 – 16C /32-60F) So whilst most(?) from the States will think it's mild, those of us coming from Summer (34C / 93F) may say it's "bloody cold" Might have to pack the long pants!??

So that's about it, I look forward to heading off, excitement is building as each day goes by, can't wait to get there & experience everything that SolidWorks World can throw at me. ??

The fine print Disclaimer:


As the winner of the SolidWorks World 2011 Internet Correspondent contest, my flights, accommodation & conference fees are being provide by the SolidWorks Corporation.?? The thoughts, excitement & enthusiasm displayed in these posts are mine & mine alone!??

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