Trakka Mercedes – Benz Jabiru 4 x 4 – Images

Finally the Mercedes – Benz Sprinter 4 x 4 – Trakka Jabiru has made it's long awaited appearance.

I few quick images of the completed product & a couple of renders of the layout.??


3 responses to “Trakka Mercedes – Benz Jabiru 4 x 4 – Images”

  1. you seam to have the full 3D model of the Sprinter (BiW). may I ask where did you got the model and can you share it or point me in direction where I can get it?
    I bought Sprinter and am planning converting it to camper. since am CAD engineer (am working on V5 and UG) could use proper data to organize my van properly
    would be good if the data is in native SW, V5 or as step/iges

    many thanks in advance

    1. We receive the CAD data direct from the manufacture via there Body Builder Web Portal.
      You will first need to register and be approved. Once approved you can download the data direct.
      The Mercedes-Benz Body Builder Portal:

      1. cheers

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