It all started with what was a simple question posted on the SOLIDWORKS Forum.  (or access via the My.SolidWorks website)

This was the model posted.  It showed the issue trying to use the “Wrap” Feature to achieve the result!  I can understand the thought process on why you would try this.  If you were to manufacture this by hand.   There would be a good chance that you cut a paper template and “wrap” that around the tube!OrginalThe problem I see was based around the Sketch!   For me it looked difficult to control and I had to think about how you would control the relationships between the points. I guess you could use equations to control the circumference if a change in tube size was required!  There were a few suggestion to get around the problem shown including using the Flex feature. However none really got around the issue of the sketch complications.

But I thought how would I approach this.

This is how I started (and I’ll try and cover my thought process) as I go along!   I started by creating two additional planes.  Sketched a circle (tube diameter) on the Mid Plane.  Sketched a pair of construction lines which were coincident to the circle. (more on those below)Plane and Sketches At this stage I set out to model like I was manufacturing, so I Thin Extruded the circle to create the tube.Extrude Thin I now used a feature that I have only ever seen shown before but never used – Spline on Surface.  The Spline on Surface sketch tool is not standard on the sketch tool bar.  I accessed by selecting 3D sketch, Right Mouse Button the viewport which brings up the Sketch Flyout toolbar.  Or if you place the Spline on Surface tool on the toolbar by selecting it, it will automatically start the 3D sketch.Spline on SurfaceThe created construction sketches and the placement of the Planes divided up the cylinder to the require eight segments (which meant I didn’t have to think too hard).  It was now just a matter of selecting each of the end points.Spline on Surface - SketchingWhich creates a fully defined sketch on the surface of the cylinder.Full DefinedSo far so good!  Still in modelling like I manufacturer mode.   I thought how would I cut it.  My first thought would be a CNC tube cutter.  So based on that I created a rectangle sketch on one of the planes. intersected one of the end point then revolve to create a rod.  (Unselect-Merge Results to create two bodies, more on that below) Solid Sweep - RodI don’t use the Swept Cut all that often and by chance have just discovered that you can cut with a Solid!  (Who would have thought that!)  It has limitations.  The solid has to be convex, revolve or an extrude (rod) and a separate body (thus the unselected merge result)Sweep Cut - SolidSelect Cut Solid Body, select the Solid body (revolve) and the Path sketchSweep Solid - SelectSelect Preview and slightly panic!Look at OptionsIt is at this stage I look in the Options – Orientation/ twist type and Path Alignment type.  Selecting Path alignment type – minimum twist. Sweep Solid - Minimal TwistWhen it cuts it will create two bodies.  Select which body to Keep from the  Keep Bodies dialogue box.Body to KeepThe created Part!  Although it looked correct the valleys in the cut were not horizontal.  Solid SweepAt this stage I abandoned the manufacturing mode of thought and switch to the modelling mode of thought!  Another tool I use rarely is Split Line which is found on the Curves tool barSplit LineThe Split Line tool splits just the surface!  So I Split both the inner and outer surface.Split Line SelectionUsing Delete Face (from the Surface Toolbar)  Deleted the outer, inner & top faceDelete FaceWhich changes the Solid Body into a Surface Body!   To “seal” back up I used the Boundary Surface (I could have used Surface Sweep) Boundary SurfaceKnit the two surface bodies and select -Try to Form Solid.  Knit - SolidTo create the solid completed Part!  Which is much better!Split Line CompleteWhat if I didn’t start with a Thin Extrude?Splint Line - ExtrudeSplit Line the Surface.  Delete Face, outer and top faces.  Not what I wanted so I added the bottom face.Delete Face - ThickenWhich left the outer surface which I then could use the Thicken feature.ThickenWhich gave the required part.  So by now I have ventured far away from my original thoughts. Thicken CompleteI may as well abandon using Solids all together and start by Surface Extrude the original sketch circle Surface ExtrudeCreate the same Spline on Surface.3D Sketch on SurfaceUse the Split Line and Delete Face tools (as before)Split Line - SurfaceThen use the Thicken feature to create the required Part! Surface ThickenThis lead me in a few different directions that I wasn’t quite expecting and finished up somewhere I didn’t quite expect!  But it was an interesting exercise. It which gave me the opportunity to use a few different tools that I normally wouldn’t have and that is never a bad thing!

It was the start of the year just before SolidWorks World 2014 that I first became aware of the new rendering program -  Lagoa.

Lagoa describes itself: “Lagoa is a web-based platform for 3D visualization and rendering. Use Lagoa to produce stunning, high-quality, photoreal images for marketing, prototyping or creative projects – without the need for expensive hardware and software”
LagoaAt that time I had very little time but to register for an Account and have a quick look around!  Which was the first interesting part from Lagoa.  There is a “Community” account, which allows free use!  There are restrictions – 5GB Cloud storage – 2Hours per month Render time!    Although I’m not too sure how set up that is at this stage.  As currently my “Statistic” show 4.5hours for 2 months use. (i.e last week/weekend February,  this week March)

I had a chance at SolidWorks World to see Lagoa in action, on their stand in the Partner Pavilion.  The Renders they were displaying were creative and impressive!  So I’ve been more than interested to try for myself.  I would have like it to have been sooner but I finally found some time over the past week to do so!  Now common sense would suggest that I would run though a tutorial or at the very least had a look at the getting started section!    But as my daughter tells me “Nobody got time for that”

With any rendering it’s about the realism which equates to the provision of the  Materials, Lights (Shadows, Reflection) and Cameras (Angle and settings).   There is a reasonably good selections of Materials.  There is also a very good Material Guide (which I discovered a few days later) which provides in depth descriptions Material My approach to this first use was straight forward, upload my (now reasonably old but always good to render) SolidWorks – Chess Assembly.   Add Materials, select Lights and Render.  Change Materials, Lights and Camera then Render.   Repeat as many times as time provided!   So these are the firsts of those renders.

Game 3028 - Adjusted

Game 3028 Paint

Game 3028 ss

Game 3028 SSM

Game 3028 Water

Game Glass

Game 3028

Game 3028 GoldIt’s hard to be too critical of these renders and I’m reasonably pleased with the results.    Although the renders are basic most of the materials display very photorealistic.  The “Realistic Car Paint” is exceptional and I now “need” to produce a render of a vehicle.   The “Tinted Colour Glass” is again outstanding!  The “Metals” have a very pleasing mix of reflection and shadow!

These render were simple to produce and the program is intuitive to use, from the uploading of files to the adding of Materials and Lights.  Everything can be adjusted! EVERYTHING!


This was a brief (but very enjoyable) use of Lagoa and from what I’ve seen and tried it is impressive.  More importantly it does what it claims!   It produces renders that are of high quality and photorealistic.  Add to that they were produce using my home “family computer” a Dell Vostro 460, i5 – 2400 3.1Ghz 32bit 4Gb RAM not your typical Render machine!

I look forward to finding some more time to spend with Lagoa ….. now where is that model of the Zonda!

The Partner Pavilion at SolidWorks World is always a mixture of Showcase Products, sponsor products, hardware, software, food and beverages!  As always I never seem to have enough time available to fully take in all that is on offer. IMG_5079The talk of the Partner Pavilion was the release of two new and very different 3D Printers.  The releases like the companies, their technologies and their printers couldn’t have been more different.  One a large multinational company with a large imposing machine.  The other a start up with at what looks at first glance to be just another “Maker” 3D printer.

Stratasys released it’s newest Objet 500 Connex3, the first colour multi-material 3D printer. 011The release was as you would expect from the likes of Stratasys, a press conference with food and beverages, speeches, press material, a wonderful display of printed examples and support from a couple of key customers.004 (2)


007 (2)

006It most certainly is an impressive printer which produces even more impressive components.   A point of interest was that Stratasys expressed it’s desire to move it’s printers from being used predominately for “form & fit” prototyping into being used to produce “production” products.  They talked of it being the next Industrial revolution!

However they may have been beaten to that by a small start up with a very different printer.046Mark Forged made an appearance on the main stage Day 2 of the General Session with it “Worlds First Carbon Fibre 3D Printer”040It’s trick is the ability to lay out a single strand of Carbon Fibre (or Glass Fibre) in combination with Nylon to produce extremely stiff and strong components.   The ability to produce a structural component certainly lends itself to the production of low volume or one off specialised components.045

041The SolidWorks stand also was making use of a 3D Printer. Sitting unassumingly was a Microsoft Surface connected to a Makerbot Replicator 2021The Surface was running SolidWorks 2015 and utilised the Print3D feature.   This removed the  need to convert the file to an STL and then take into a separate program!   Adjustment to densities, rafts, positioning was handled via the Task Pane.    A little bonus with the below image is the “3DViews” Tab.  Neither the Print3D or the 3DViews tab rated a mention in the Day 3 General Session teaser of new features for SolidWorks 2015023To finish off with 3D Printers Mcor Technologies had their wonderful Iris running and on display  220The Bo-Dyn Bobsled Night Train made is way from the main stage back into the Partner Pavilion  002

007As did Prosthesis from eatART Foundation 243



246One of the most interesting and beautifully manufactured products was the Palhegyi Design reproduction of the 1970′s Yamaha TZ750 racing motorcycle!233

234Another interesting motorcycle was the Lawson AWD.   Different but not a totally new concept! I test rode an AWD bike way back in the early 1980′s!003

004More Motorcycle products, this time for the modern world from Cyclone Custom Corporation015

016So we move on to four wheels with the Luxury Pre Runner from Stewart’s Raceworks




020Some Healthcare Products with the EPIQ Ultrasound System by Phillips223

224and Hologic – Selenia Dimensions 3D Mammography System 032Robots, we had Autonomous Robotics.   Kraken a Autonomous Underwater Vehicle from San Diego City Robotics033Robot – Code Orange -3476035Daisy Thunder – The Holy Cows – Team 1538037

039Consumer Products.      Switch from Quirky Inc 029

030AR Drone 2.0 from Parrot236

237SodaStream Genesis by SodaStream241Novagrade Universal Digiscoping Adapter by designPORT250 - CopyComposite Propeller Blade – GA – RZ from Whirl Wind Propellers Corp 239There was also a fair amount of discussion revolving around Lagoa – Multi-Optics Cloud Rendering Engine.   I had registered and signed up to Lagoa before the start of SolidWorks World 2014.  I’ve had an very brief use so far,  so I’ll be interested to see what and how it achieves it’s rendering, once I find a few spare hours!218  219Let’s finish with some Hardware.  Boxx Technologies had a range of their products out to try.222As did HP with their HP Workstations 228

231Along with Dell and their range of Dell Workstations

252 - Copy

253 - CopyThis was a brief and anything but comprehensive look at the Partner Pavilion!

Time to Escape “I’ve been working on a Retractable Ladder”

Width Mate Geometry Limits
162Profile Centre Mate163Chain Pattern164

166Model Break Pipe Break Views173Model Break Pipe Break Views174Model Break Pipe Break Views175Angle Dimension Manipulator176Drawing Sheet Zones177Control Rounding178Layer Print Control179

180SolidWorks Inspection183SolidWorks Inspection184SolidWorks Inspection185Enterprise PDM Mobile Web Client186Enterprise PDM Mobile Web Client189




195Bertrand Sicot enters the stage.  “Did you enjoy that” 196Time to Thank the sponsor199Thanks – HP – nVIDIA – Dell – Intel201For the Cameras205“I want to make a video but I need your assistance”209 Rehearsal “I’m coming to next’s years SolidWorks World and I’m going to bring a friend” 210This time for the camera213SolidWorks World 2015 ……. Phoenix Arizona …… February 8 – 11th 215

SolidWorks 2015 – Teasers 117SolidWorks 2015 – about to channel 1960′s Television!120

121This is a job for CADMAN (and Ribbon)128SolidWorks Essential and SolidWorks for Dummies for Ribbon123starring: ……132CADMAN to the rescue133“Ribbon you have changed your User Definition!” (you need to see the video – look image 3 above)134Lets see …. if we can ….. fix this …. assemble136Lets see if the CADman Grapple Gun Assembly will help137Split Surface138Asymmetric Fillets140Convert Feature to Body Pattern143Rectangle Creation Options (Area Render)144

145Convert to Style Spline146Convert to Style Spline147Convert to Style Spline148Rectangle Creation Options149Line from Midpoint, Segment Line Equally, Vertex Adjacent Restraint150Captured …… Death BY PowerPoint 153Cut List Folder Description155Weldment Costing156Escape via the Ducting – Kick out the Clips157Live Simulation Results158Square Duct Routing (HVAC)160

161SolidWorks 2015 More to follow

General Session – Day 3 to be continued

Aaron Kelly welcomes Bruce Holway – R & D SolidWorks Director – Product Definition
067Bruce talks Enhancement Requests070Top 10 Enhancements that have already been introduced072Default to Concentric Mate076Default to Parallel Mate077Lock Option for Concentric Mates078Slot Mate080Centre of Mass081Edge Bleed Through082Don’t delete child feature, dangle them instead083eDrawings for Andriod084This years Top 10 Enhancement Requests

#10 Auto Hide Components while mating to improve selection086#9 Purge Data Command to reduce file size087#8 List quantity of identical holes in a hole callout088#7 Redefine a Fillet to a Chamfer (and vice versa)089#6 Redefine (flip) angular dimensions after placed090#5 Unlimited Undo/Redo091#4 Esc to STOP immediately 093#3 Draw line from Midpoint094#2 Rename component in Feature Manager Tree095and the most voted request #1 Equal Spacing for Linear Patterns096Arron rejoins the stage to welcome Neil Cooke100Neil look suspicious of what might happen.101Whats going on here!103Neil Cooke Director – Product Introduction104Neil Introduces a new “Product” for SolidWorks 2015 – 3DSwYm Communities to the Task Pane (Not standard with 2015)107Collaboration via the Task Panel108The 3DEXPERIENCE interface1133DSwYm Communities114Web Based eDrawing Browser 116Up next – SolidWorks 2015 – Teasers117General Session Day 3 to be continued

General Session – Day 3 – starts with the now familiar animation
014and so the Final Session begins.  Day 3 is Model Mania, Certification and SolidWorks 2015019Aaron Kelly takes the stage and reviews the last couple of days020and nights!022and now a quick word from today’s sponsor – nVIDIA027Aaron welcomes Mark Schneider – Product Introduction Manager to the stage028Mark talks Model Mania!03115 Years of Model Mania032The 2014 Model for the Model Mania contest033and the winners are…….034The Customer Champions!   Rumour has it that Tom may have to be banned next next as he has won too may prizes already (Alright I may have made that last bit up!)035The Reseller Champions036Mark and the Model Mania winners038Mark runs though on how to Model the Part039Aaron introduces Avelino Rochino and Mike Puckett – Certification Specialist Knowledge Consultant.   Remarks that Avelino & Mike should be “Certified”041Mike retorts that Aaron’s certification may be missing tomorrow! …. (all in good fun!) 044 The announcement of three new Certifications around SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual045Avelino talks Certification numbers046Certifications – January 2013047Certifications – January 2014048Mike & Avelino invite Marie Planchard to the stage to talk Certification in Education049Marie is joined by Max Lizarraga and Jerry Miranda – Mt. San Antonio College053Marie, Max and Jerry talk CSWA for the students final exam 055Maria announces that CSWP exams will be provided in the future for the Mt. San Antonio College061Aaron Kelly rejoins the stage064A quick word from our sponsors – Dell065General Session Day 3 – Part 2 to follow