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It was way back in January at SolidWorks World 2013 that we had our first (and very brief) view of (at that stage) an Alpha version of eDrawings for Android (running on a Nexus 7).   It has been a much longer wait than most would have expected (or liked) but earlier this week we saw,  eDrawings for Android become available at Google Play for $1.99 (or $2.16 for us here in Australia!)

eDrawings PlayeDrawings for Android is very much like eDrawings for iOS devices and  at this stage very much like the initial release for iPad, it is just a viewer.  I think it can be fairly safe to assume that we will see an “eDrawings Pro for Android” version in the near future!

eDrawingsThe most noticeable difference from iOS to Android is that Augmented Reality (AR) is missing from the left hand toolbar.  Again I’m not sure that the Android versions will see that, based on the fact that they would have to work with many different cameras in conjunction with many different phones & tablets!   But that remains to be seen!

dxfThe Android version supports eDrawings Parts & Assemblies (EPRT, EASM), native SolidWorks Parts & Assemblies (SLDPRT, SLDASM) as well as eDrawings & SolidWorks Drawings (EDRW, SLDDRW).   Interesting unlike the iOS version the Android version does not support dwg or dxf drawings!  (yet!)

Files are brought into Android devices as per iOS, either via email or by the cloud storage services (Dropbox™, SkyDrive®, Google Drive, Hightail® etc).

The Android version operates with the same control/ finger actions as iOS to Zoom, Pan and Rotate.   As well as the normal eDrawings Standard Views and Animations.  You can tap a Part in an Assembly to select  to then control the display of the Part to Hide, make Transparent or Isolate. (and then again Show All)

Hide IsolateIt supports “Configurations” as well as “Exploded Assemblies”


ExplodedIt supports native SolidWorks Drawing which includes support for Multiple Sheets.   Interesting to note on the Drawing below that only the “odd” circle is shown around the number on the balloons!  That is random across all of the sheets so I’m not sure why or how that is!

DrawingAlthough I’ve only have had limited time to use eDrawing for Android, it works wells on my Nexus 7.  Having the viewer is a good start, now that is here I look forward to seeing what’s going to follow!

To see more have a look at the SolidWorks video below:

I was talking with Dan Hertzberg (of 6.04 Megahertz) in the Partner Pavilion at SolidWorks World 2013 on the Monday night.  At the time he was telling me about the zSpace display when Rick Chin (Director of Product Innovation) wandered by.   We had an interesting discussions, with Rick telling us about the soon to be released update of eDrawings (for iOS devices) which was to add Augmented Reality!   At that time it was just waiting for finally approval by Apple and was just a couple of weeks away!    

We had a tease with a brief example of Augmented Reality in the Wednesday morning General Session during the SolidWorks 2014 preview!


After a slight false start (a weeks ago) where there was a bug which prevent the camera from launching.   So after a patience (!) wait yesterday saw the eDrawings 3.0.1 Update  and finally a change to try for myself!   Although there is a short sample video (selectable inside the App),  all that was really needed was to email myself the “Marker” and Print it to the correct size!

Open a model in the App, place the Marker in the required position and aim the device toward the Marker!


The effect is really quite sensational!


The model displays in the correct perspective, is rotatable and can be scaled to suit!


The images really don’t do justice to the effect you see on the screen!

This quick video showing eDrawings Augmented Reality on my iPhone might give a better idea!   

eDrawings (for iOS devices) just keeps getting better with each release.

Can’t wait to see what’s next in store for eDrawings ………… (oh and the Android version!)

Just a few short months after eDrawings Pro for iPad was released, this week we see a further expansion of the eDrawings Apps.

A change of names, now just called eDrawings and eDrawings Pro the Apps are now available for all “i” touch devices. 



Having previously used eDrawings on the iPad I was interested to see what it would be like to use on the iPhone.  The answer,  well remarkably the same!

To start I opened Dropbox and opened the same Cabinet that I have previously used on the iPad2  


As Dropbox can’t open the file it gives you Options of Apps to Open


On opening it showed up a Memory Warning but so did the iPad2


Once opened I had no further Memory warnings and that included when using any of the tools. As well as rotating, panning or Zooming!

Rotate to Landscape and shown full screen


Because of the screen size at first the Side bars seem to encroach a little.  The buttons and icon couldn’t be any smaller (at least not for my stubby fat fingers!) and it didn’t take long for me to not be distracted by the sidebars.   Using the Measurement Tool




Parts, Configurations, the ability to hide, change transparency and isolate individual parts


The Isolated Part


eDrawings Pro has all the functionality of the desktop version of eDrawings but all on a device that you can carry in your pocket.  How can you go wrong with that!

If viewing eDrawings on a Tablet was cool then there has to be something extra cool about viewing them on a Phone!


Just four months ago we saw the first release of eDrawings for iPad.  This was followed up six weeks later with a significant upgrade.  Still it was just a viewer missing the features to make it a fully productive tool!

Until today with the release of the eDrawing Pro for iPad which includes the ability to Markup, Annotate, Measure and Section. (full list below).  This is a new App and not just an upgrade of the eDrawing for iPad

Priced at $4.99 for the first 90 days 30days (Edited: We were given a bit of false information) then $9.99 as it’s regular price.   Although you can see priced in the Australian App store for some strange reason at $5.49. Considering the AUD was buying $1.02US this morning. Hardly worth worrying about, just a little strange!


This morning I had the opportunity to load eDrawing Pro for iPad on one of the works iPad2 to see what it could do.    

There is the new Sidebar on the left which contains the selection for the new Markup, Measure and Section tools.  Along with the Home, Play and View features.  The tools are intuitive, select the Pencil icon which opens an additional toolbar.  It was a simple task with the dimension tool selected to the hover over and select the edge to add a dimension.  Selecting the Annotation tool opens a dialogue box (and the keyboard) to add text.  Arrows can be dragged to location and additional arrows added.

Dimensions and Annotations


There is also a “free” Annotation tool which gives you the ability to free hand sketch!


Selecting the Tape Measure Icon opens the Measure Tool bar, which gives you the option of selecting faces, edges, holes and points.  It’s then just a matter of dragging the Measurement icon over, in this case, the edge to highlight and then select.


There is the ability to Measure distances


Section can be viewed through X-Y, Z-Y, Z-X Planes and positioned via the slide bar

Section Views


Section with Plane Hidden


It’s limitations now appear to be hardware driven.   Although this was just a 4.4MB EASM it does have 387 parts which equates to more than a few surfaces! At times when using the Measurement Tool I would get a “Low Memory Warning” 

 That was my first brief look at the eDrawing Pro for iPad.  It’s features now mimics much of the eDrawing desktop version, which makes it quite the productive tool!

eDrawings for iPad today received an update (Version 1.1.0) which brings it closer aligned to the Desktop version.

Now supporting Standard Orthogonal & Perspective Views

Components display Shaded with Edges

Parts can be displayed Transparent and can be Hidden or Part displayed only.  Selected either from the tree or Graphics area

Files can be sorted by name, extension, date and size.

These and more as shown in the What’s New in Version 1.1.0 below:


I had a quick opportunity this morning to update one of the works iPad 2 and have a quick view.  A few screen shots showing some of the updates.

Pop Up Tool Bar with Standard Orthogonal & Perspective Views Selection. Parts shown with Shaded Edge Mode


Part displayed Transparent


Part displayed Hidden


Part only displayed


Files sorted by name, extension, date or as shown, size


The updated functionality now makes eDrawings for iPad a much more usable tool.    It’s still not perfect and is limited by the iPad capabilities (In our case an iPad 2) I had flicker and shuttering graphics with the Shaded Edge displayed using the shower unit (4.3MB)  I’m yet to be able to open the vehicle assemble file shown (19.2MB).  Thanks to Lou Gallo – SolidWorks Heard I know it can be opened on a iPad 3

It’s getting there and I look forward to seeing further development! The real game changer will come when we see Measure and Mark Up capability.