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A few images from a day at Stockton Beach (NSW) doing some Product Testing of our two four wheel drive vehicles. 

The Trakka Mercedes-Benz Jabiru 4 x 4 and the Trakka Volkswagen AT Trakkadu.  It also gave us the opportunity to take a few images for Marketing.

A quick rough cut video from the “On Vehicle” camera

Just another day at work!


A few more images from the Red Centre. This time Kata – Tjuta (The Olgas).

These are from the Valley of the Winds Walk. A 8.5km (5.3 miles) quite rugged walk through the south – western part of the formations


Just a few images (to start with) from my holiday to Uluru (Ayers Rock) & Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)

With the drought now well & truly broken the Desert is greener than I have ever seen it.?? We are in a very small percentage (around 1%) of people who who have seen the Rock with waterfall running from it.

A magical trip


A few more images from the "Road to Katherine" Trip.?? This time from the other vehicle.

Some bonus images when we came across a trio of trucks carrying ADF "Bushmaster" vehicles,?? This was at the "Three Ways"?? (Intersection of the road from Mt Isa and the Road running between Alice Springs & Darwin) ??


Katherine is a town 3hour South of Darwin – Northern Territory – Australia. 
Remote and a fair distance from Sydney but we needed to deliver the Health Clinic vehicles as soon as we could!

One we were running late & two, because we were running late it was starting to move into the onset of the “Wet” Season.

3560km (2212 miles) from our factory in Mt. Kuring-gai on the Northern outskirts of Sydney to Katherine – 3 days drive.  Which unfortunately left little time, to relax & enjoy this magnificent country.  Even less time to stop and take photographs.   So “On the Road to Katherine” Images through the Windscreen